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About us

We are dedicated to helping the fight against the rising issue of knife crime in the UK by raising awareness of the dangers of both carrying and using a knife.

Using our own real life experience, we educate young people on the immeasurable impact knife crime has on the victim’s family and friends, and the wider communities.

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About Us

Our mission and vision

We believe we are all stronger together.


We cannot fight knife crime alone. There are countless reasons why a young person can become involved in knife crime. 


We work with young people and professional bodies to help try and prevent this involvement in the first instance.

What we do


We Educate

Through a series of presentations delivered by Charlie’s family and friends, we share Charlie’s story and the impact his death has had on us all.  Using our experiences we show young people how decisions and choices can have severe consequences and ruin lives.  


In time, we want to be able to deliver workshops and 1 to 1 mentoring to empower young people to make the right choices and decisions in life to help keep themselves and others safe.  These workshops have proved a valuable resource for other knife crime related charities and groups. 


We Support

No parent should suffer the loss of a child. The pain of losing a child to crime is like no other. We know this pain.  We live this pain every second of every day. Working alongside professional bodies we are best placed to understand the complex needs of family and friends who find themselves victims of knife crime.


As Charlie’s Promise grows, it is our hope to be able to provide them with the absolute fullest support possible – emotional, practical and financial to help them navigate their way through their grief and inevitable trauma.


We Help You to Help Them

We use our own lived experiences to advise in ways to help a family when they have lost someone under such horrific circumstances. It is a lonely journey, which unless you have experienced yourself, you can never, ever understand and nor would we want you to.


But the right support, words and actions of the community network including close relatives, friends, GPs, teachers, coaches and professional services to name a few are paramount in helping someone to live and cope with the grief and trauma of losing a loved one to crime.

Our Team

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